Tournaments Held at the Buffalo Niagara Court Center

NFVB sponsors all junior girl’s tournaments held at the Buffalo Niagara Court Center (BNCC). The events are run by the BNCC staff. NFVB directors, coordinators or coaches can not answer any questions regarding tournament entry, fees, tournament format, start times or pool schedule.

Please click here for the list of BNCC tournaments that NFVB sponsors.

Tournament entry and registration for BNCC Tournaments is completed through Advanced Event Systems and usually opens around the beginning of October. (Do a search for events in New York and then at BNCC)


Info About USAV Girls Junior National Tournament (GJNC)

Information about qualifiers can be found on the USAV website. Final GJNC Championship format, as well as the Qualifier Manual, will be published on USAV’s schedule, usually by January 1.

The 2015 USAV Girls Junior National Championships will be held in New Orleans, LA Summer at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

1. Open Division: The goal of the Open Divisions at the GJNC is to identify the best team in the country through rigorous competition in a particular age division from among the top 32 teams. The Open divisions of the Qualifiers are designed to identify and select those top 32 teams in the U14 – U18 ages.
To participate in the Open division, a team must:
a. Qualify through Open Division of USAV National Qualifier (NQ) tournaments.
b. OR… Perform well enough in Open Qualifiers to earn an at-large bid (teams must apply and meet entry deadlines to be considered for an at-large bid).

2. National Division: A Division of the GJNC where teams must obtain a bid to participate. Bids are
allocated to the Regions for distribution to its teams. Regions will receive 1-2 bids per age division for this tournament, depending upon junior enrollment from the previous year. The WEVA region currently receives 1 bid per age division. Unused Region bids will be reallocated to other Regions. The GJNC field size for National Divisions will be 48 teams for most divisions.

3. USA Division: A Division of the GJNC where teams must obtain a bid to participate. Bids are earned
through finishing in a “bid” position in the USA Division of a National Qualifier, or through a Trickle Down at that Event. Should a team that accepted a USA Bid later win an Open or National bid, the USA bid will remain in the region of the team that originally accepted the USA bid. If the region refuses to allocate this USA bid, it
reverts back to the NQ and follows the trickle down process. The GJNC field size for USA Divisions will be
24 teams.

4. “American” Division: 48 teams in each age group. Field to be comprised of a combination of bids
from National Qualifiers and Regional-level bids.

5. Patriot Division: A Division of the GJNC where teams may gain access to the tournament by simply
entering the Event through the established process. Order of acceptance will be initially based on date of
entry until the tournament is full. The GJNC field size for Patriot Divisions will range from 24-64 teams.